Aluminum Melting Furnaces

TUR Type Melting / Holding Furnaces

Minimizing energy consumption and combustion losses, fully automatic holding/melting furnaces are indispensable for aluminum foundry and recycling facilities.

With low energy consumption and combustion loss, quality refractory application and minimum wear, TUR TIP Aluminum Melting and Holding Furnaces offer unique advantages for efficient production in foundries and recycling processes.

Aluminum Melting Ovens you can call our company to get more information about it.

Erdem Makina manufactures TUR TYPE Aluminum Furnaces (holding/melting furnaces) for aluminum foundries and recycling facilities.

Erdem Makine provides advanced technology to your business with the aim of being the best in your industry by producing casting robots, aluminum furnaces, automation robots, aluminum melting and holding furnaces, aluminum dosage furnaces; and also Erdem Makine provides training and consultancy services.
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Crucible Type (NRYP) Melting Furnaces

The NRYP tip is included in your service by including crucible literacy training and up-to-date machinery and fixed turnover times.  

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Tilting Type (NRY) Melting Furnaces

Tilting Type NRY (advanced) Melting Furnaces and their design are essential to foundries and recycling plant, with quality refractory application and minimal wear. With these stoves, minimum energy losses and short service life, you can win the appreciation of our long users.

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